…then we take berlin!

Hot damn, we kicked-off this tour in magical Berlin with a mean bang ! The legendary Schokoladen indie venue, a chocolate-factory building squatted since 1989 and threatened many times of disappearance by the gentrification pressures of the hip “Mitte” neigborhood, bore many promises of fun and absolutely delivered, and beyond : the room was packed and music-friendly (sprinkled with many grinning familiar faces), the staff was made of awesome, the DJ kicked serious ass, and the sound-man may very well win my 2012 Gold Medal of Genuine Enthusiasm Coming from Sound Engineers (GECSE).

Charlotte and I alternated our Greatest Hits in a “round-robin” singer-songwriter style and had great fun playing a shared opening set for the Brooklyn-based songwriter Phoebe Kreutz, who among other fun ditties, spoofed up brilliantly some Velvet Underground songs with a junk-food twist : “I’m waiting for the delivery man, 26 coupons in my hand…” or my personal fave “It’s such a pizza day, and I’m glad I got to spend it with food, so just keep the oven on, keep the oven ooooon”. Post-gig festivites involved wild dancing, awkward jokes, competitive fuss-ball and liters of local Fritz-Cola, very fine ingredients indeed to finish off a fantastic evening. If we can keep the vibe of the tour groovy just like yesterday’s show, we’ll come home the happiest campers of Lalaland.

Ps : Hmm, sorry French readers, I actually decided to write the blog in English until I get to France. So what, sue me !


One thought on “…then we take berlin!

  1. Peter Nevins says:

    Ok! More! I knew that was gonna be a hit. ¿But what about now?

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